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DA Developer Solutions 

The knowledge base is organized in a detailed step-by-step instruction of how to use the product. Template Setup & Digitization, is an easy track guide to set up a Template for digitization & sending  files for digitization.


STEP 1: Field Creation

Customize your fields for capture. This is a required step before the fields can be placed on the template for data extraction. 

STEP 2: Template Definition

Upload a clean, blank form as your template. You can add versions to accommodate all the possible form types. Your template will help identify which forms require specific pieces of data to be extracted. 

STEP 3: Field Placement 

Place and resize fields on your templates to capture where the data would appear on a form. 

* Multiple Choice Fields require an additional step to train READ. 

STEP 4: Batch Submission 

Submit a batch (set of files) through the UI for digitization with READ. After it has been digitized, access your data and see how we did! 

The Template Setup User Manual is a step by step series designed to encompass the implementation of all your forms from start to finish to ensure smooth form-to-template matching & and high data quality. 

STEP 1: Version Discovery

Determine the optimal amount and organization of sheets to upload in the Chorus System.

STEP 2: Template Definition & Field Placement 

Tackle complex template definition & field placements scenarios with these tools to improve your setup results (This section directly maps from Steps 1-3 from the Template Setup & Digitization section).

STEP 3: Document Recognition Configuration

Learn how your form submissions match to your templates & identify the required changes necessary to improve form-to-template matches. 

STEP 4: Data Quality Review & Analysis 

Evaluate your template build and data quality using the REVIEW Interface & DQA Tool. 

DA Developer Tickets

Users will be able to submit and track their own tickets to Chorus through the DA Developer Support account.

DA Developer Forum 

Through the discussion forums, DA will release notes about new features and for Chorus users to provide feedback and share their product knowledge.