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Vidado Developer Solutions 

The knowledge base is organized in detail step-by-step instruction of how to use the product. Template Setup & Digitization, is an easy track guide to set up a Template for digitization & sending  files for digitization. 

STEP 1: Field Creation

Fields require a separate creation process to layout data specifications before it can be placed on the template to capture data. 

STEP 2: Template Definition

A clean (not filled-out form) will be uploaded as a template. Versions of the form can be uploaded within the template in this step.

STEP 3: Field Placement 

Fields can be placed and resized on the template to capture where the data would appear on a form. 

* Multiple Choice Fields require an additional step to train READ. 

STEP 4: Batch Submission 

A batch or a set of files are sent through the UI for digitization with READ. This section will also show users where to find their batch data. 

Vidado Developer Tickets

Users will be able to submit and track their own tickets to Vidado through the Vidado Developer Support account.

Vidado Developer Forum 

Through the discussion forums, Vidado will release notes about new features and for Vidado users to provide feedback and share their product knowledge.