Hello! This article will walk you through how to digitize files with your new SS&C Chorus DA account. To achieve optimal results, you must follow and complete each step as well as its substeps.

Materials to Get Started: 

  1. SS&C Chorus DA Trial Account. Sign up here

  2. A clean, structured, blank (not filled-in) version of the form you’d like to digitize (this will become your template). (See file attached below) 

  3. A set of files to digitize (filled-in forms of the template).  (See files attached below)

If the videos on the page are not loading, please allow third party cookies on the web browser before reloading the page to try again. 

Steps to Digitization: 

Step 1: Template Setup

A: Create the Template

Navigate to the Template Dashboard by clicking the “Templates” tab. 

Click the orange “Create Template” button on the upper right hand corner of the Template Dashboard. 

Upload a clean (not filled-out) & structured blank form as the template. To achieve the best results, the template should be no larger than 1600 x 1200 pixels and SHOULD NOT have handwriting.

B: Name the Template

Enter a unique template name.C: Upload the Page  

Click the orange “Upload Pages” button. Browse files from the computer or drag and drop files onto the webpage. The files must be in PNG, GIF, JPG, or PDF format.   Step 2: Field Creation

A: Name the field 

Navigate to the “Fields” tab which will lead the user to the field library. (Name the fields in a uniform manner using all lowercase letters, words separated by underscores. For example: first_name or child_dob or gender_select)

B: Select a data type 

Set the field’s data type to  Medium Text in the second column of the Field library. It can capture both letters and numbers. 

*Multiple Choice Fields: Multiple choice fields may be created by setting the field as a “select one” or “select many” data type in the second column of the library. The values must be entered in the “Multiple Choice Selection” column. Add the values, one by one, separated by a comma, no space. For example, a gender field may have the values: male,female. 

Step 3: Field Placement 

A: Place & Resize Fields

On the “Template Edit” page, click the “+Add Fields Button” or the "+" icon. Click on the fields from the right panel and move them onto the template image. Resize the fields as small and precise as possible. *For checkbox and choice bubble fields, be sure to include the form text in the field (green box) to make support set building easier in the next step.

Step 4: Submit a Batch

A: Change your template status to active

In your template dashboard, open the dropdown menu of the template and click "Change Status". In the modal, select the "Active" status to enable your template for digitization.

B: Upload a Batch

Navigate to the “Inbox” tab.

Upload files by dragging and dropping files into the dotted box under “New Batch” OR by browsing and selecting files from the computer.

C: Name the Batch & Complete Batch Upload 

Enter a name for the batch in the modal that pops-up.

When all the documents have finished uploading, you have the option to add more forms by clicking "Add" or completing the batch by clicking "Finish".

D. Submit the Batch

Click on “Process this Batch.” You can either pick an active template for your files to sort against, OR you can select “Pick the right template Automatically.”

Step 5: Review your Data

A: Navigate to the Dashboard 

Navigate to the “Data” tab on the top of the page and then click on “Data Hub.”

You can either double click on the dataset of interest that you want to view OR you can click on the blue “+” sign to the right of the job name and then select “View Data”B. Export to CSV

By clicking on the drop down menu next to the “View Data” tab, you can choose to export your data into a CSV file.