What does READ do? 

SS&C Blue Prism DA extracts printed text and handwritten data from faxed or scanned forms at high accuracy.  Our customers use SS&C Blue Prism DA to automate digital workflows resulting in better efficiencies, improved customer experience and faster turnaround times.  

Our AI, READ, recognizes and transcribes text, numbers, and checkboxes at an image level. Set up is easy and requires no coding nor machine learning training. Your blank forms are used as templates to crop and extract individual form fields l (we call them ‘shreds’) to be sent for digitization. 

Our competitive advantage is our AI is trained to extract and digitize real world low quality printed text and handwriting quickly and accurately.

Document Automation Platform

The Document Automation platform is a complete solution that turns scanned pages into automation ready data.  It automatically identifies and classifies pages by matching them to your templates and extracts printed-type and handwritten data from your defined form fields.  There is an optional human-in-the-loop review interface to inspect the digitized results and to make corrections if necessary.  Data transformations can be applied to make data output consistent and ready for ingestion into a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) or other backend system.

Sign up for a free trial of the SS&C Blue Prism DA platform here. Watch a demo here.

How long does it take to get my results back?

We offer different turnaround time service levels to different types of customers.  Our customers range from Fortune 500 companies to Small & Medium Businesses. Please refer to the plan you purchased to find out.

What is SS&C Blue Prism DA’s accuracy rate?

SS&C Blue Prism DA achieves over 90% accuracy for printed text and handwriting, across all data types. Our average accuracy for live enterprise customers is 96%.

Accuracy is highly dependent on how templates are set up. For customers who set up their own templates, we have a comprehensive knowledge base of all our best practices at If you are not achieving the accuracy you want, contact SS&C Blue Prism DA Support and we would be glad to help you.

How does READ digitize very bad handwriting?

Our AI is a complex neural network that’s dataset has been trained on over one billion shreds. It has learned to transcribe even terrible handwriting. SS&C Blue Prism DA has seen every type of doctor’s handwriting, blurry fax, and low-DPI scan, and can read them better than humans. For example:

Can/how does SS&C Blue Prism DA digitize multiple choice, checkbox fields?

SS&C Blue Prism DA has the ability to digitize multiple choice and checkbox fields. We  use the Support Set Builder to train our AI to recognize data as it would look in production.

How is SS&C Blue Prism DA’s AI different from traditional optical character recognition (OCR)?

OCR doesn’t work well with handwriting, it can’t handle low quality print, it cannot deal with badly scanned pages. SS&C Blue Prism DA handles all this!

How can I get started with an account?

Sign up with us at this link!

What kinds of documents work well with SS&C Blue Prism DA?

SS&C Blue Prism DA excels at digitizing documents with handwritten and printed text, and multiple-choice questions. From application forms, enrollment forms, claim forms, even survey forms, we can help. In addition to our core verticals in healthcare, insurance and finance, we can also automate digital mailrooms.

SS&C Blue Prism DA's alignment algorithm works best with structured forms with fields in fixed locations. Here are some examples of structured forms for SS&C Blue Prism DA digitization:


We’re currently researching document recognition of semi-structured forms. Please contact us at if you have semi-structured forms or if you are unsure if your form is structured or not. You may be surprised to find out that what you consider unstructured would be a structured form to SS&C Blue Prism DA!  For example, some customers consider death certificates as unstructured forms, but it is structured, and we extract data from over 350 formats of death certificates.

SS&C Blue Prism DA is not the best fit for unstructured forms like diary pages, books or newspapers, yet. We're working hard to develop the capability to process unstructured text for the future.

Contact us if you are unsure if SS&C Blue Prism DA is the right fit for your use case.  We will be glad to help!

What languages does SS&C Blue Prism DA support? 

SS&C Blue Prism DA currently supports any Latin-based languages that include the 26 basic letters from A-Z.  We regularly process Spanish forms, however the system cannot capture accents yet. 

Can SS&C Blue Prism DA translate different languages?

SS&C Blue Prism DA does not have the ability to translate between different languages. While most of SS&C Blue Prism DA’s READ digitization engine has been trained in English, SS&C Blue Prism DA produces exact transcriptions. Any roman-numeral data that’s captured in a shred of data will be digitized as transcribed by SS&C Blue Prism DA.