Why does my data have --impossible-- results? 

There are a variety of reasons why --impossible-- results may occur in your digitized data: illegible or ambiguous handwriting, values that spillover past the defined field area, poor quality scans.

Impossible outputs may also occur in your digitized data as a result of incorrectly defined templates. The following table lists the common reasons for these kinds of impossible outputs to occur:

Reason for Impossible Output


Field is too large for capture

  1. Reduce the image size of your template. A large template image will affect the sizing of the Please refer to our article about Template File Size Requirements to learn how your template image quality can affect the field size for submitted files.

  2. If the above solution does not solve the issue, create another field to capture the additional text (i.e. from prescription to prescription_1 & prescription_2).

Field’s incorrect data type

Change the field’s data type to observe the Best Practices for Choosing a Data Type. Most fields are recommended to be captured as Medium Text data type by default for the flexibility of minimal constraints. 

Failed Transformational constraints

These are only applied by SS&C Chorus DA staff, please reach out to to request any configurational adjustments.

Data can also be marked as impossible if the filled-in forms do not match the template. It is extremely important that your forms match the template you've previously uploaded. If there are variations, your data will not be captured well. You should create a new template or add additional versions to capture any variations in your forms.

It’s recommended that you reach out to if there are a large number of impossibles in your results.