How do I build a template?

This article displays how to upload a template, and this support space is dedicated to the entire template set up process.

Does my source template need to be blank?

Yes. SS&C Chorus DA recommends that you upload a blank copy of the template you’d like to have data digitized against when completing the template definition process.   

How do I add fields to a template?

This article displays exactly how to add fields to your template. Please reach out to if any questions remain unanswered.

When defining fields, how big should I draw my boxes?

How you place and draw your fields on the template will affect the quality of data you get back, as well as its accuracy. Please refer to our article on the Best Practices of Field Placement

What if one field contains multiple pieces of information (e.g multiple choice and space for “Other")?

A new field should be created for that answer. Draw separate boxes around each type of data, and define each individually. In this example, a field should be drawn around the multiple field (under a “select-one” or “select-many” data type) including all options shown as well as "other” and another field for where the text of “other” is filled out (under a medium text data type).

When should I choose “text” or "number" or “multiple choice” data types? 

How you define a field will affect the type of data you get back, as well as its accuracy. Unless it is a checkbox field or signature field, SS&C Chorus DA recommends Please refer to our article on Best Practices for Choosing a Data Type

What if I have multiple versions of my form?

SS&C Chorus DA can easily handle multiple versions of forms. You would just need to upload versions onto our system. Please refer to the Version Discovery section for more information. 

How does SS&C Chorus DA deal with multi-page forms?

When you create a template, you are able to add multiple pages of your form. Based on the template page count and organization, the form submitted will also be organized in that manner with each set representing one completed form. 

Thanks to our sorting engine, VISION, single-page or multi-page documents will automatically be matched. 

Please always make sure that each form is in order to assure the digitization of all data.