FastCheck is a new ML model powering multiple choice fields. Users are no longer required to utilize the Support Set Builder for Select One & Select Many data types. Simply by listing the multiple choice selection from left to rightthen top to bottom, the fields will immediately become machine ready. The current target release date is September 2, 2020. 

Benefits of FastCheck

  • Simplified Template Setup: The Multiple Choice setup process no longer requires users to train the model to visually understand the options marked.

  • Increased Flexibility: As FastCheck automatically finds and detects if a field was marked, it better handles small variances on completed forms.

  • Increase Accuracy: The Vidado ML team has trained FastCheck to return even better results when compared to the current model. 

How to set up for FastCheck

Here’s what you need to do: 

  1. Review your Field Library for FastCheck (If values are listed in column-first order, your data will be returned incorrectly. To avoid incorrect data digitization, please set your values in the correct order before September 2nd, 2020.)
  2. Correct Multiple Choice Selections for FastCheck

And here’s how Vidado will help: 

Vidado has been performing tests on the new FastCheck feature against active templates that have been used for digitization within the last 90 days. If we have identified problematic fields (select one or select many data types), Vidado will send you a list of those fields to fix to help your team get started. The field list will include:

  • All multiple choice fields with 3 or more options

  • Checkboxes with 2 options that are in wrong order

FastCheck on Different Versions

Multiple Choice Values that appear differently on versions of your template require new fields to be created to account for a different order of values. For example, in this template, Version 1 (left) and Version 2 (right) would require different fields**Fields on versions with inactive Multiple Choice options marked in Support Set Builder will not be affected if they are in the correct order.