Hello!  We are excited for you to experience the software that is saving companies time and money. If you have not already, you can get started here! This article will walk you through how to digitize CMS1500 forms with your new SS&C Blue Prism DA account. To achieve optimal results, you must follow and complete each step as well as its substeps.

Materials to Get Started: 

  1. SS&C Blue Prism DA Trial Account. Sign up here

    1. To create a free CMS1500 30-day trial account, fill in your contact information with a work email address and select the pre-template CMS1500 form in the last dropdown field. 

    2. Verify your email address by clicking the link sent to the given email. After verifying, the link will take you back to the home page of Blue Prism DA.

  2. [OPTIONAL] Completed CMS1500 Forms. 
    1. Don’t have any forms to digitize on hand? Scroll down to download a set of sample forms! 

Steps to Digitization: 

We’ve done all of the setup for you! You can check out the template build in the templates dashboard found in the Templates tab. All the high volume versions and most commonly captured data fields have been already added!

Step 1: Batch Submission

A.  Add files into your batch 

To upload, you may drag and drop files into the dotted space, click “click to browse” to find files in your system’s storage, or by connecting your account through the cloud services Box and Google Drive.

B. Name your batch

Once added, name your newly uploaded batch with a unique name, and click ok! After all files are uploaded, click the “Finish” button.

C. Submit the batch for digitization

With your batch now uploaded, you can now process your new batch by clicking on the “Process this Batch” button on the right hand side. Choose the CMS1500 Template or check the box to have our system automatically choose which form matches best. 

Step 2: View your Data

A. Navigate to the Dashboard 

To view your digitized batch, find “Sorting” in the navigation bar. You will see if your batch is digitized under the status column. (Note: You will review a confirmation email in your inbox when your data is finished processing.)

Click the blue “+” button and “View Data”. 

B. View or Edit Data

You can click each data field to view the original data that had just been digitized, as well as edit data by making changes in the value field and then clicking “save”. 

Curious for more? Customize it!

Looking to add more fields to digitize?  Follow these steps to place a new field on your template:

  1.  Create a field in the Field Library

  2. Place the field(s) on the template

  3. Submit your Batch for digitization 

Have a CMS 1500 version not recognizable by our engine? Check out our article on how to add versions to the template!

Feel free to add your own forms and follow along this guide to create new templates of your own!