Blue Prism Document Automation Fair Usage Policy


Processed Pages

All pages submitted to the Blue Prism Document Automation service irrespective of whether those pages are Classified and/or Digitized. 

Classified Pages

A page is classified when the Document Automation Service is able to match it to a template page configured in the service. 

Digitized Pages

A page is digitized when it has been Classified and the Document Automation Service extracts handwritten and/or printed-type fields and converts them into machine-readable data. 

Cruft Pages

Processed Pages that cannot be Classified and, hence, cannot be Digitized.        



Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Capacity 

Cruft Pages may not be more than 55% of Processed Pages.

Less than 500 template sheets per pipeline.

Less than 2,000 schema fields per pipeline.

Less than 1,000 pages per batch.

Maximum 50MB (megabytes) per file submitted. This is a hard system limit.


Document Automation's fair usage policy ensures that the service is performant for all users and allows Blue Prism to provide customers with a simple pricing scheme.  

Blue Prism will notify you in advance if we believe your usage is not within our fair usage policy and work with you to redress the usage.